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Recognizing the importance of data management in improving Fundraising income and retention of supporters, MSF Holland, asked Single Click Solutions to help with the recruitment of a new Data Manager.


Following an intensive recruitment process, Anton Hendriks was appointed and is now managing the data strategy of the organisation.



We develop unique, low cost and highly sophisticated software for the volume data management sector. Our aim is to help the sector maximize its ROI and achieve and maintain the highest standards of efficiency.


British Heart Foundation get real-time database link from Single Click Solutions as the main vehicle in their Fundraising Strategy.



Data Segmentation and Replication Software

What is data segmentation?

Data segmentation is the process of partitioning data into segments based on common attributes and logic for easy maintenance and accessibility. Data segmentation helps in database marketing by presenting all customer data in a well-organized manner. Data segmentation gives you an overall picture of your valuable customer data. This helps to do a better analysis and make intelligent decisions.

Why replication software?

Replication software create a duplicate copy of similar data on the same or a different platform. This is to avoid any loss of data in case of any system failure. Replication software are used by organizations for data duplication.

Data Segmentation and Database Marketing with DEX pro

We offer finest business solutions. If you want to implement data segmentation procedure for your database, we can provide you with a suitable solution. Data segmentation and database marketing can be done easily with DEX pro—a software with the following capabilities:

segmentation codes, drill-down or import and compare.

  • Multiple selections can be combined into a single extraction.
  • Facility to include/exclude selections and provide net counts.
  • To facilitate database marketing, it has features, such as export of data, mail merge of the data and database maintenance.
  • It has a report generate and report wizard which makes the working easy and quick.

>> Find more about DEX pro software.

Data Replication and Mirroring with MMM software

It is very important to make sure that your database is updated and secure at all time. Replication software is meant to do the same. Take a look at some features of MMM software available at

  • MMM software carries out database mirroring to any Internet enabled location across the globe.
  • Its auto-connection switching features automatically saves data on a different location in case of fault with the principal database.
  • It can also send mirror database log records that result from bulk-logged operations. It can work with any to work flexibly with any bandwidth.
  • Mirror database can be accessed easily.

>> Find more about MMM software.

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