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Recognizing the importance of data management in improving Fundraising income and retention of supporters, MSF Holland, asked Single Click Solutions to help with the recruitment of a new Data Manager.
Recognizing the importance of data management in improving Fundraising income and retention of supporters, MSF Holland, asked Single Click Solutions to help with the recruitment of a new Data Manager.
We develop unique, low cost and highly sophisticated software for the volume data management sector. Our aim is to help the sector maximize its ROI and achieve and maintain the highest standards of efficiency.
British Heart Foundation get real-time database link from Single Click Solutions as the main vehicle in their Fundraising Strategy.
Data Centralisation Articles

Auto connection switch database replication : Single Click Solutions’ MMM software is Continuous Multi-Directional Replication software. Its multi-directional replication feature makes sure that file-sharing is possible across various business locations.

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Auto connection switching with database mirroring : With database mirroring, each and every update to the primary database can be reproduced on to the mirror database immediately and easily. Thus, you can have database available at all times even in case of failure of primary database.

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Database Link Server software : Database Link Server software or Central Information Management System at Single click Solutions is perfect fit for businesses that are looking for effective data centralization solutions.

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MMM software : MMM software is multi-directional software, which makes sure that all the files of your organization are put on some other server as well.

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Database effective marketing : Effective marketing of a product or a service generates better revenue by spreading awareness. In this competitive world the better marketing you do the more profits you can make.

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Data centralization : Data centralization is the most effective and common way to integrate data on a central location. Data centralization leads to data consistency, better information sharing, and saves a lot of time too .

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Data de duplication software : Data de-duplication software removes identical and redundant information resulting in neat seamless database records. Data de-duplication system is ideal for business management especially if it requires maintaining a huge database.

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Data extraction and replicator : The data obtained as a result of data extraction is used as source data for data warehousing that is further organized in a meaningful way for analysis and understanding.

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Data mirroring and extraction : Data mirroring involves replication of exact data from one storage location to another. Data mirroring software can also be implemented on a remote location. Single click solutions data mirroring and extraction software are ideal for your business needs.

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Data segmentation and replication : Data segmentation helps in database marketing by presenting all customer data in a well-organized manner. Data segmentation gives you an overall picture of your valuable customer data.

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