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Recognizing the importance of data management in improving Fundraising income and retention of supporters, MSF Holland, asked Single Click Solutions to help with the recruitment of a new Data Manager.
Recognizing the importance of data management in improving Fundraising income and retention of supporters, MSF Holland, asked Single Click Solutions to help with the recruitment of a new Data Manager.
PQ driven Technology ensures high ROI

We are in the middle of a technological revolution that does not show any signs of abating. Software applications are becoming more intuitive. Applications are not only very clever in how they go about doing things but they are now much prettier to look at and much more user friendly. We can clearly see, therefore, signs of a high intelligence factor (IQ) and a high emotional factor (EQ) being applied in every new release. So where next?

Whereas IQ and EQ are factors that we find in nature (ever seen how a bird builds its nest or how flowers blend colours?) there is one factor that is only to be found in humans. The PQ or purpose factor is what sets humans above nature and at long last, in this range of applications, we are seeing the first wave of applications that combine IQ, EQ and PQ.

Every application in the Single Click Solutions family has a high PQ factor.

Take a look at System Integration Server and you will find it addresses the problem of system integration in real-time, without data migration or modifications to linked applications, as far as we know, the only application in the market to do this.

Furthermore, the fact that it allows searching the Central Repository in real-time (not after a master record has been inserted) means that the Central Repository has the minimum possible number of duplicates, the only way to ensure that the Single Contact View and integrated reports are accurate. Another first, as far as we know. 

Run DexPro and see all your data ready for picking – then just tell it what to include, what to exclude and what to do with it.

Open the De-Duplicator and let the wizard segregate your data and give you more wash programmes than you would get from a washing machine.

Then ask why we need to spend so much on hardware to meet our disaster recovery needs or reducing WAN traffic when we can have SMM or MMM to do it far better at a fraction of the price?

As you would expect the IQ and EQ factors in these applications are second to none. Our solutions are divided into two groups: Background working or Wizard based.

Background working solutions include System Integration Server, REPLICATOR, SMM and MMM:

By using the System Integration Server, customers do not have to compromise to snapshots of their data to get a Single Contact View or to modify their applications in order to accommodate linking databases in real-time. We’ve done it all for you by developing a database transaction log reader that programmatically triggers duplicate searches, links existing records, adds new ones, updates and deletes in the background. Users carry on using existing applications as before. System Integration Server does the rest.

The REPLICATOR is the transaction log reader included in the System Integration Server. It is fully configurable and is available as a stand alone to work in the background as a business rule implementation manager. SMM and MMM take the REPLICATOR principle to new heights of functionality to provide true remote mirroring and replication which is not available even in infrastructure systems that cost many times more.

Wizard based solutions include DexPro and the De-Duplicator:

Using our wizards is like having your very own team of programmers and analysts at your disposal with one essential difference. The results are instant.

Open DexPro and you’ll find that the user is not being asked to write complicated queries. The majority of extractions can be done by dragging and dropping segmentation flags into either the Include or the Exclude bins. The rest is just as easy. Use the report wizard, the mail merge wizard, the eMail broadcasting wizard or any of the other wizards to process the data in whatever manner you want. Whatever you do, is all saved for you for easy retrieval next time you use it.

The same simplicity will be found in the De-Duplicator when they become available in spring 2006.

This is not the end … it is only the beginning


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