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The System Integration Server - Gets Systems talking at desktop level

Organizations need to share information across departments, across organizations all over the globe and between two or more organizations The System Integration Server goes one step further than simply linking back-end systems together in real-time at server level. It integrates systems in real-time at desktop level thus ensuring that all the systems you wish to bring together operate as one integral system on the user's desktop. No other system does this..

The benefits of this level of integration are enormous. Take, for example, achieving a Single Contact View (SCV) which is the reason most organizations seek system integration. The main problem in setting up real-time data integration is how to avoid duplicates. Duplicate records means that the history of a contact will be split and the resultant SCV will probably more confusing than when you started.

The difference between a system that uses server level integration only and the System Integration Server that uses desktop integration as well can be seen in how the System Integrations Server avoids duplicates. Take a simple operation such as selecting or adding a record after a search. Server level integration systems cannot provide a search in a central repository to check if a record already exists before it is added (unless front-end modifications are made which are too costly). So they allow a new record to be added and then check if it is a duplicate.

The result is duplicate records because automatic matching can never be as good as matching records by the user at the point of entry. Before long, the back-end data can get into a mess and your system integration will begin to have negative affects. This cannot happen with the System Integration Server because it provides desktop level system integration which allows the users to search from whichever application they are using without front-end modifications. The result is seamless integration.

On line demonstrations and evaluation copies are available. We can also undertake to advise on how DexPro can be applied as a database marketing management solution to your specific circumstances.


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