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Mailing List Compilation software. The ultimate tool for Campaign Managers and Data Analysts. Get instant campaign counts, suppress, add external lists, de-dupe and compile your campaign lists the single click way.
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Record selection is the key to best practice in Direct Marketing. Selection requires technical expertise which is expensive. DexPro eliminates the need for this and consequently the costs involved. It makes selection possible by non-experts instantly, consistently and conveniently on your desktop.  But there is no reason to make a purchase decision now. You can try the full version before you buy, free-up resources and start saving immediately. 
Provides instantly on screen segmented record counts
Facility to drop selected records into 'Include' or 'Exclude' for instant removal of suppressions
Select and suppress records by:
   - Category segments
   - Value segments
   - Value segment combinations (e.g. using RFV selection criteria)
   - Drilling down to external data sources
   - De-dupe and import matching or non-matching records
Select in any combination and compile into a single list
Specify the percentage of records to be taken from each segment selected
  Provides net and cumulative counts in order of selection
User can set own de-duplication criteria when importing records
Facility to attach aggregated and/or filtered transactional details as well as record details for inclusion in the list
Utilises powerful features of MS Access including mail merge, email broadcast, report generation and exporting to various formats
Facility to maintain communications history
Facility to retrieved saved campaign lists, facility to refresh them with new data and facility to modify selection criteria
No need to know Standard Query Language
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